What's in the box ? Wellness Wednesday

Two boxes to open today, the first containing the two bottles I ordered using my Essential Rewards PV points

Sress Away, I use everyday as a perfume on my wrists and under my ears. It smells great and does what it says on the bottle.
R.C. is one of my must haves and I diffuse it overnight to support my respiratory issues.

Next my order this month qualified for a FREE Dewdrop diffuser, so my daughter can now have some lavender and cedarwood diffusing in her room to help her relax and sleep well.

Now to this month's order :

First dynamite stick tube :

Lavender is an essential , and harmony sounds like a wonderful blend of oils for emotional balance. Now my sense of smell is very limited but there is something in this bottle I can smell and it is just divine. Ah yes two of my aromas I loved before my smell was damaged , sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Next up:

There's more :

Yes stocking up on my eucalyptus oils for the winter. The support they give to my respiratory system is aẃesome and I do not want to run out if they go out of stock.

Next :

Abundance contains Frankincense, clove, ginger, myrrh and cinnamon, to which I will add some nutmeg to, and diffuse for a lovely wintery smell and these oils are great for giving your immune system a boost too. This blend is another emotional balancing support, helping focus on positivity.

This month's oils:

My fab four for destressing and respiratory support:

My wee stash :


Make Something Monday

Another mixed techniques card today. A doily coaster crocheted in size 10 cotton thread and mounted on  a parchment craft background, with the addition, of course, of the obligatory flutterbye. LOL.


Take Two

I was so pleased with my crochet on cardstock experiment, that I decided to do it again. This is a favourite colour, not one I can wear as I'm too pale but I find blue a relaxing colour to crochet with and blue flowers are always special. Somehow butterflies made it on to this card too.


Crochet & Cardstock.

I love mixing different cardmaking techniques such as paper embroidery, with 3D decoupage or parchment craft. Today I decided to crochet a scalloped circle as a background for my  flowers instead of using a diecut doily or suchlike. I'm pleased with the result.